“Viennese riser Soia matches impeccable influences to a desire towards self-expression.”


Melancholic and gentle, then demanding and powerful, Soia’s vocals oscillate between Soul and Electronic Hip Hop, dancing effortlessly over the Dilla-esque beats and beautiful harmonization of Mez. Soia's lyrics are engagingly weird – all sorts of creatures, real and imagined, appear: bipolar porcupines, intangible tigers, fractal spirits, roaming deer…

"Soia delivers sensual, abstract lyrics while effortlessly moving between spoken-word rhymes and melodic singing."


The two Viennese musicians first collaborated for their 2011 single 'Obtaining', which received love from blogs such as Moovmnt, Okayplayer and BamaLoveSoul, and was featured on radio shows and mixes all over the world. They released their Neo Soul oriented album 'Mood swings' on the Philadelphia based label 'Record Breakin’'.

"Soia has been a consistent force within the Viennese soul/jazz scene with varying experimental touches that have broaden her value as an artist to keep an eye on. The album 'H.I.O.P.' is a perfect example of the love both Mez her producer & Soia share for pushing things forward."


The sophomore album 'H.I.O.P.' (an abbreviation of 'Hidden in Obvious Places') was more oriented towards world music samples and jazzy composition, and was released in October 2016 worldwide on the US label 'Record Breakin’'. Additionally, an exclusive release with two bouncy bonus tracks was released in Japan and Taiwan by 'Sweet Soul Records'. The live band is supported by the Austrian Foreign Ministry's music programme 'NASOM' for 2018/2019. Soia released her third album 'Where Magnolia Grows' in spring of 2019.

"Soul provided by the exceptional voice of the singer who understands how to use it to enrich her songs. The skills this duo possess sets them apart from others in their ability to combine diverse elements into an unmistakably individual music language."


Additionally, Soia has been cooperating with other producers like Moo Latte from Copenhagen and the two
Brooklyn based musicians P.U.D.G.E. and Bae Bro for the 'Papaya sessions'.