Lyrics by Soia
Produced by Moo Latte
Composed by Moo Latte & Soia
Saxophone, Flute by Nikolaus Holler (Niklouds)
Recorded at Bat Cave Studio Vienna
director: Samuel Traber (PICKS u. Funke & Glanz)
cam & light: Matteo Molina, Alexander Rauch
Makeup: Ena Friess-Fellini
artwork: FATI aka Fabian Dankl (HFA Studio)
creative input: Heinz Ploder

“Renegade” is dedicated to political dissidents and people living in the diaspora. It tells the tale of the bitter sweet relationship with and love to one’s homeland, identity and its politics. The song was produced by the Copenhagen based multi-instrumentalist and producer “Moo Latte”, whose father is from Congo, and whose mother is Polish. The track was recorded on a cold November afternoon in Vienna. The horns support the urgency of the storytelling, the straight claps its militancy and the rebellion against it. The song is resolved by an alto sax and flute solo (Niklouds Holler), and is the new single to the upcoming album by SOIA & Moo Latte called “Spiritual Housekeeping”.

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